OKASIE was founded by Chris Willemse and Dané Erwee in the spring of 1999. Today OKASIE is well regarded for a trendsetting influence in South Africa’s creative circles. The OKASIE brand comprises of a wide range of expertise and offerings.

These include floral retail (also available online), decor and flowers for weddings and corporate events, furniture hire, creative installations and product design. As a team we offer our clients an immeasurable level of design, experience and talent.

Our primary goal is to interpret our client’s unique needs and to exceed their wildest floral expectations.


Following more than a decade in the retail industry we have honed our repertoire to include a host of unique offerings. These include our signature bouquets, posies and arrangements; a selection of the finest vases, containers and gifting options; a premium selection of exotic plants and orchids; and our very own ‘Cookie Bouquet’ - a decadent hamper filled with an array of delectable treats.

OKASIE’s inventive floral installations, bespoke weddings, cutting-edge corporate events and custom-made furniture have graced the pages of numerous local and international publications and continue to be our pride and joy.

What we grow on our farm

Our Johannesdal farm near Stellenbosch is also the home of a large variety of Hydrangea, Foliage, heritage and David Austin roses which flowers from October to May. What makes our exclusive variety of roses so special is the textures, shapes, sizes and astonishing fragrances. These roses have been hand selected for the various hues of soft milky white, whipped butter and cream, coffee, blush, coral, cantaloupe, plum and velvety reds.

We welcome seasonal changes and the crop it brings with a carefully selected variety of non-commercial greenery, flowers and grasses. Arms full of dog wood and plum blossom branches are picked in early spring – to be incorporated in our multiple designs.

Early morning picking brings an element of the unexpected - we love creating sensory experiences with rooms filled with an abundance of heavenly fragranced roses.


Chris and Dané would like to introduce you to their team. Each member of the OKASIE crew is considered a specialist in their own right and an unmissable part of the magic behind our brand.

DaneMari BlomCarmenKobusCamolete

The Founding Directors


Head of Finances and Business Administration

Chris’s considerable knowledge of the flower industry and his horticultural background combined with his even temper and soft-spoken nature make him the ideal business head. Chris oversees the running of their farm and guest house, Johannesdal. Together with Karin, he handles OKASIE’s account clients and business administration.


Head of Production and Creative Genius

His knowledge of design and firm grip on installation have made Dané the mastermind behind so many fantasy weddings and spectacular events. Dané is a gardener at heart: a wanderer, finding inspiration worldwide. His creative vision is the driving force behind the OKASIE furniture range, sourcing of materials and beautiful bespoke concepts.

The OKASIE Events Team


No task is too big or intimidating for this can-do man. He approaches all tasks with a spring in his step and is energized by challenges. His background in events has equipped him to have a good handle on happenings both on site and off. He gets things done, and swiftly.

The OKASIE Events Team

Tracy Robertson

Senior Florist

With boundless energy and boundless experience, Tracy is as intriguing as dark blue violets in spring. We’ve yet to encounter an event that can derail her! We are forever grateful and inspired by her irrepressible creativity.

The OKASIE Events Team

Carla Blom

Floral Designer

With confidence and flair, Carla manages important contract arrangements – always with a calm, unaffected smile - so often just what we need on busy days!

The OKASIE Events Team



With her incredible organizational skills, Mari is the one who always knows what has been seen to and what still needs to be done. She always delivers with dynamic energy and creativity.

In Memory of


Our Flower Angel Rest in peace

You are being missed

The OKASIE Events and Weddings Team



After 8 years as manager of the OKASIE shop, Kobus’s immense talent and experience is now being channelled into OKASIE’s events and weddings. His practical know-how and creative flair combined with his charisma and light-hearted nature will put any client immediately at ease that they are in good hands.

The OKASIE Shop Team

Pieter Honeyborne

Shop Manager and Florist

This florist is versatility itself. Pieter’s broad experience in floristry, horticulture and all sorts, as well as his enthusiasm and approachability makes it a pleasure to buy flowers from him in the shop. To say nothing about his striking blue eyes…

The OKASIE Events Team


Furniture Warehouse and Maintenance Manager

Steve’s character is larger than life: the perfect ambassador for the OKASIE brand. He is helpful, enthusiastic, and punctual. Collecting flowers to brighten up his own home is a growing passion of his.

Patrick Thobigunga

Furniture Warehouse and Maintenance Assistant

Quiet at first, Patrick is strong, dependable and extremely capable. This right-hand-man always has a beaming smile and a firm helping hand at the ready.

The OKASIE Shop Team

Camolete Jonkerman

Floral Designer

When her talent for classic floral combinations became apparent in the events workroom, Cami was soon scooped up by our flagship Dorp Street store, where she now crafts exquisite hand posies and shows her adaptability time and again.


Fiery red head with bubbly personality with years of experience in floristry

Coming from the event industry abroad she brings vast variety of skills and knowledge which she wonderfully applies on our “home grown turf”

People skills and empathy is one of her strong points she is the pillar of strength for any bride and offers emotional support for all. She is a valuable asset to our events department.

The OKASIE Events Team



It takes some doing to keep a handle on the happenings of a dynamic and busy floral studio, and Minke achieves it with competence and subtlety. Her ever-ready helping hand, patience and hard work make any plan come up roses.

The Founding Directors


Gauteng Weddings & Events

Qualified Gordon Bleu chef, with experience in interior design, turned wedding coordinator, turned florist! It is here that Quintin decided to settle down, and serve many a bride with charm and talent. A thinker and dreamer by heart, though bringing the vision to deed in this wonderfully exciting industry, he has been part of numerous fairytale stories. Passion and endless creativity together with his excellent conceptualization skills result in beautifully crafted pieces.

The OKASIE Shop Team


Floral Deliveries

Nothing defeats Wesley’s dedication to quality service – not even the everyday chaos of Stellenbosch traffic! A true asset to the OKASIE team, Wesley ensures speedy deliveries with genuine, hospitable care.

The OKASIE Shop Team


Floral Designer

Emily intuitively finds expression in flowers. Her ambition and skill makes her more than just your ordinary florist.

The OKASIE Shop Team

Karin Blom


A fundamental cog in the OKASIE works, Karin is thorough and careful. She keeps a steady hand on administrative matters behind the scenes. Her light-hearted humour and motherly nature is endearing to all.