Morning deliveries: 10:00 to 13:00. Afternoon deliveries: 14:00 to 16:00. No deliveries on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays.
Deliveries outside of town must be placed one day in advance. Flowers subject to availability/season.

We supply flowers for your office. Please Contact us to make arrangements.

Green Terrarium

from R 650.00


from R 400.00


from R 400.00

Fly me to the moon

from R 400.00

Misty morning

from R 450.00

Golden Summer

from R 400.00

Pastel Sophistication

from R 450.00

Monotone Elegance

from R 400.00

Little Europe

from R 350.00

Phalaenopsis in a container

from R 550.00

The Non-commercialist

from R 400.00

Timeless Venetian Elegance

from R 1200.00


from R 2200.00

Okasie Shopping Bag

from R 350.00

Dip & Applique Cushion

from R 1200.00

Opsit Kers

from R 190.00

Cone Geography Vase

from R 290.00

Melt Vase

from R 360.00

Buttercup Wall Vase

from R 650.00

Sandstone block with test tube

from R 750.00

O- Candle

from R 380.00

Assorted Exotics

from R 420.00

Assorted Air plants

from R 690.00

Assorted Potted Plants

from R 150.00